Cash Register Rolls, Labels, Tags, and Price Tags

Our range of cash register rolls, labels, tags, and price tags has been carefully designed to support efficiency and organization at retail points of sale, warehouses, the logistics industry, and all kinds of commercial and service enterprises. We understand that the precision, legibility, and durability of these products are crucial for the smooth operation of a business, which is why we offer solutions that combine high quality with functionality.

Cash Register Rolls

Our cash register rolls are available in various sizes and types to fit a wide range of fiscal devices, receipt printers, and payment terminals. Made from high-quality thermal or offset paper, our rolls ensure clear and lasting print, essential for maintaining transaction transparency and compliance with legal regulations.


We offer a wide selection of self-adhesive labels suitable for product labeling, goods identification in warehouses, logistics, and many other applications. Our labels are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, tailored to application needs and environmental conditions, ensuring durability and resistance to external factors.

Taggers and Price Tags

Our taggers and price tags are essential for retail stores, boutiques, and all kinds of sales points where clear and aesthetic presentation of prices and product information is important. We provide a variety of solutions, from traditional paper taggers to modern electronic price tags, which allow for dynamic changes in prices and product information, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in price management.

Application in Various Industries

Cash register rolls, labels, taggers, and price tags play a key role in many aspects of business operations, from sales points to warehouses, logistics, and transportation. They are essential for ensuring information accuracy, process efficiency, and professional product presentation.

By investing in our products, clients can be assured that their labeling, identification, and transaction documentation needs will be met effectively and in accordance with the highest standards. We invite you to explore our range and select the solutions that best meet the needs and requirements of your business.